The objective of the Foundation is to computerise the main scientific libraries of Poznan. The major tasks of the Foundation are:

selecting (also through public tendering) computer hardware and software

purchasing hardware and software

installing hardware in individual libraries

implementing integrated computer systems in individual libraries

providing training to librarians in resource processing in USMARC format

providing training to librarians in handling computer library systems

training system librarians and administrators of main network servers

supplying librarians with instruction materials

giving support to interlibrary co-operation in Poznań as well as between the network of Poznań libraries and other library networks in Poland and abroad

maximising the uptime of the servers of the Poznań library network by their regular servicing and maintenance

offering assistance to libraries in solving technical and organisational problems relating to computerisation

The libraries composing the Poznan network of scientific libraries make use of the Horizon integrated computer system. The hardware platform used by the system is made of IBM equipment. The system uses client-server architecture, has Z39.50 protocol built in and supports bibliographic descriptions in MAB, UNIMARC and USMARC formats (the last mentioned one is dominant in Poland now; it is used by the libraries which use VTLS system, e.g. the Jagiellonian Univ. Library). Horizon takes advantage of the Sybase database management system and works under Windows 95 and OS/2 (client work stations) and UNIX (servers) operating systems.